How Might We…

Only once in the 16 years I’ve been a Vistage chair has a speaker not been well-received. He shall remain nameless (and is no longer a Vistage speaker).

Oh, there was a time when I became negatively triggered by a speaker and almost asked her to leave, but the members revolted and said they liked what she was saying. So, there was that time, I guess.

Other than those two incidents, each and every speaker has wowed us and a lot of what I’ve learned from these top-tier speaker resources sticks and remains part of my toolbox for one-to-one meetings. It’s not often, however, when I find myself going back over my notes, listening to the audio and actually implementing new practices within our own group as a result. IMG_2422 2.jpg

AmyK Hutchens is one of the stand-out speakers of my Vistage career. She engaged everyone in the room, mixed up the session in a way that had members involved experientially, and gave us a tool to use as a group that will maximize our time together and enhance and expedite the processing of issues. IMG_2420




If our members implement just one of the ‘duh’ things AmyK taught us during her three-hour presentation, their meetings will be more productive and their teams will be empowered.  Thereby, getting better results, of course.

For example, our upcoming speaker topic is about understanding financials.

I took a page from AmyK’s material and asked them: “How might you get the most out of our speaker this month?” Giving them the information with this question is more likely to get them thinking of ideas more than if I had just said who the speaker is, topic, and extending an invitation for them to bring someone from their staff.

This is a gross over-simplification (sorry, AmyK if you read this) but given the tools she spoke about then followed up with digital templates to use, our members will be well-served by what they took away from our time together. I am.

For more information about AmyK:

If you are not a Vistage member and qualify for membership (P&L responsibility for your organization, CEO or president) please contact me. There are 20,000 members world-wide and I’ll be happy to introduce you to group chair who will be a good fit. Join for the content and stay for the relationships.


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