I learned something BIG from Dean Minuto yesterday

I learned something BIG from Dean Minuto yesterday

I’ll bet folks would remember we talk about ‘elephants in the room’ if I actually had a prop of one come in during our meeting.

My mind is spinning with new ideas about ways to communicate what we do in our Vistage groups to those who don’t know anything about the organization.

Dean Minuto had 22 of us in the palm of his hand yesterday as he taught new and better ways to persuasively communicate to our clients, employees, friends and family.

Even though Dean spoke to our group five years ago, he has revised his presentation and I found it even more memorable.

There are two things I’m going to do differently the next time I do an event for Vistage candidates.

Although I’d say these introductory events have been successful and productive in the past, I know I can make them more so with two refinements.

First, I’m going to use props. I’ve shied away from this in the past because I’ve thought it looks a bit hokey for a room full of CEOs to see props in the room during a professional presentation. But they’d remember we talked about ‘what keeps you up at night?” if I handed them a bottle of Exedrin P.M. when asking the question.

Of the close to 400 hours of Vistage speaker training I’ve experienced, the resources who were most memorable? A guy who walked in dressed as Abraham Lincoln (leadership lessons from Lincoln), the wellness speaker who had lots of props including a bottle of  undisolved sugar representing just how much is found in one bottle of Mountain Dew (scary!) and the props Dean used yesterday. I can list each one, the member associated with the prop, and a synopsis of what was said in association with the prop. Wow. What an ah-ha.

I’m also going to go a bit beyond the biographical statement that I’ve been a Vistage chair for 14 years, and spell out that means I’ve facilitated over 175 CEO group meetings, experienced close to 500 hours of training by world-class Vistage speaker experts, and conducted over 4000 hours of one-to-one coaching sessions with CEOs. That’s far more instructive than just saying how many years I’ve been a chair and speaks to the need to establish competency and trust – just one of the key components of acquiring new clients.

Also, I’m going to take the time today to write down more of what I learned yesterday because, as Dean stressed, repetitive learning has a higher probability of sticking.

At the end of our day yesterday, we talked about how easy it is to walk out the door of these awesome Vistage speaker talks and because there is so much good content, we let overwhelm be the enemy of implementation.

“If we each commit to implementing just one thing,” said Maurice Offit, founding partner of the law firm Offit/Kurman, “And then share with the group that one thing we have done, that will be powerful.”

So, above are my TWO things. I’ll be working on a few others, too.


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